Payroll Outsourcing

Today the staff is the most important asset of the company and requires the Human Resources area to concentrate its efforts on the development of future business leaders and to maintain an adequate working climate, freeing itself to a greater extent from repetitive tasks such aspayroll, liquidation of social  benefits, etc. but requiring an adequate level of knowledge of the labor standards in force in order to avoid contingencies and / or discomfort on the part of the worker.

To assume the outsourcing of the company’s timely payroll processing, our Firm has a staff of professionals and the right technology and even provide other job advisory service.

Our expertise

Customizing the system to specific customer requirements

Preparing for the settlement of social benefits

Auditing past payrolls

Support in labour inspections

Preparation per income tax, CTS (severance indemnity), AFP (pension), profit sharing, etc

Job evaluation

Determination of current contributions and contributions

Calculation and settlement of the form and printing of ballots

Wage structure design

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